Janet Munn
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Ildephonse Nzoyihaya

Colonel Dr Janet Munn grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. As a teenager, she took a summer job at a Salvation Army camp for underprivileged children. The experience was life changing.


Janet has now ministered as an officer in The Salvation Army for over 30 years. From 2008–2013, was responsible for The Salvation Army’s international Spiritual Life Development. Janet then served as the Principal of The Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training, first in Sydney, Australia, and then, in Suffern, New York. She is the first woman to hold the role of Training Principal in the USA Eastern Territory. In April 2019 Janet was appointed as Director of the International Social Justice Commission in New York City.


Janet received her Doctor of Ministry degree from Ashland Theological Seminary. She has co-written two books on prayer, and written a third on the use of power in leadership and its relation to culture and gender.


She and her husband Richard currently live in the New York. Janet enjoys swimming, musical theater, and spending time in New York City with her son, daughter, and son-in-law, and grandson.

Kerry Coke

With her husband Nick, Kerry is the corps officer at Raynes Park Community Church. Born in Brighton, she now lives in Raynes Park in South West London.

Her day to day work includes preparing for Sunday worship, pastoral ministry, community outreach, and fighting for social justice. She has a special passion to see women and girls become the fulness of who God created them to be.


Kerry collects vintage teacups and saucers. ‘How British!’ she says. ‘It is quite fitting because there’s nothing I like better than to have a chat and a cuppa with people—the idea of ‘relationship’ drives my encounter with God and his creation.

To relax, she also likes to go out for coffee and cake!

Ashish Pawar

There was a time, Ashish says, when he used to question and doubt who God was. Those days are gone now, and he loves to tell others about Him. 


Ashish was born in India. He trained to be a Salvation Army officer in Atlanta, in the USA Southern Territory. It was there he met and married his wife Sandra. Together, they have served in Atlanta, inner London, and now Sydney.

After working as a church-planters to a multi-ethnic community, Ashish and Sandra are now pastors of Auburn Salvation Army Corps in Sydney. Auburn is a community of new arrivals from all over the world, and the corps reflects that diversity. It also has very significant community engagement every day. Ashish says, ‘I get to pray with people, I get to help people with their needs, and I get to point people towards Jesus.’


Asked which kind of ministry especially calls to him, Ashish answers, ‘Table Ministry. That is, having people over to our house for a meal. Sitting around the table, hearing their stories, and intentionally spending time together in conversation and prayer. For me that has been really powerful.’


For relaxation, he loves to read and listen to podcasts on different topics. 

Nicole Casidsid

Not long ago, Nicole was working as a social worker, but now she is a Salvation Army officer. Born in Manila, Philippines, she grew up, went to university, and married there. She now lives in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan where she is a corps officer.


Asked to name one significant thing about herself, Nicole answers: ‘I love to pray for family, friends and other people. This time of pandemic especially brings you closer to one another and to Jesus.’


Day to day find Nicole busy with visitation, church activities and ministry. ‘I love youth ministry,’ she says, ‘and helping others, especially those who are in need.’

For fun? ‘I like singing, talking to other people, playing music.’


Kendacy was born and grew up Linden, Guyana, in a family of seven. She says: ‘We spent many years facing the plight of poverty. In these times I often thought about what my future would look like; will the stain of my situation ever be removed so that I may be known as someone of worth?’


‘I did not have a spiritual foundation as my family was not Christian. So with a loss of hope, I cried many nights from the pains of the daily ostracism I faced.’


‘However, through all of this, God had a purpose for my life. He used my Christian uncle to bring me to God and after some time, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my Savior. This was a defining moment for me. From here the Lord began his transformative work within me and I grew to love him and was willing serve him in any way.’


‘Today, I am a proud high school graduate, a former high school teacher and a Salvation Army officer.’ Kendacy trained at the Army’s college in Suffern, New York, and is a USA Eastern Territory officer.


At present, though, she and her husband Dwayne are serving in Bermuda. Her day to day duties include leading and managing programs that cater to the spiritual and social needs of those within my church and community. She feels a special passion for ministry geared towards women, children and social justice.  


In her spare time, Kendacy enjoys writing, listening to music, hiking and taking long nature walks.

Placing yourself in Gods presence Jordan
Jordan Westrupp

Ildephonse was living in a refugee camp when he received Jesus and his personal Saviour at the age of 17. He was born in Burundi, in East Africa. Fleeing from civil war, he spend 10 years growing up in the refugee camp. 


A gifted worship leader, he also loves to preach. Now living in Sydney, Australia, he helps to lead worship at The Salvation Army, Auburn Corps. Presently he does labour work at a large recycling company, but his prayer is to be a full-time minister.


Ildephonse speaks four languages. For relaxation, he likes to run.

Rong Fu

Born in China, Rong now lives in Sydney, Australia. She jokes, ‘One thing I know I always do well is I am Rong (rhymes with wrong).’


Rong is a Salvation Army officer. Her passion is to see the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world to all nations.


Day to day, along with her husband Dillon, she seeks to evangelise people, and provide pastoral care and visitation to church congregation and community members. She leads prayer meetings, teaches and preaches, leads discipleship groups, and leads Sunday worship. She also manages the corps administration and social welfare program. And she does extras such as weddings, funerals, and baby dedications.


For fun, she likes to watch movies, retreat with friends, eating and cooking.

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Rosy Keane

Growing up in New Zealand, Rosy initially belonged to another denomination, but then she met The Salvation Army. She says, ‘When I became a soldier at 17, I had absolutely no idea that my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother had all been Salvationists.'

Rosy lives just outside of Wellington, in Upper Hutt. She is the Social Media and Resources Specialist for Women’s Ministries—that branch of The Salvation Army committed to furthering gender equity and empowering women in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

Asked which ministry especially calls to her, she answers, ‘Women! Definitely. God called me to women, speaking audibly to me on the couch one day in the middle of being unemployed for over a year. I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now. Seeing the balance redressed between men and women will help us see God.’


For fun, she enjoys patting animals and op-shopping. ‘In fact, I’m on holiday as I write, after planning a whole trip around which cities had animal-patting opportunities and opportunity shops!’

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Jo Moir

Before she became a Salvation Army officer, Jo was a specialist community midwife. For 10 years she worked with teenage mums and women living with HiV.


Jo was born on the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She now lives in London, where she works as a tutor at the William Booth College. Her day to day work finds her teaching spiritual leadership and pastoral care. She is also the college safeguarding advisor.


Jo has a particular passion for women’s ministry and women’s rights across the world. She also has a passion for media, and the communication of the gospel through public relations.


In her spare time, she loves days out with her husband and three children. They all share a particular love of history and museums (‘especially the interactive ones where you can get up close to artifacts!’).


Along with his wife, Willow, Darell leads the ministry team at The Chapel at Worthington Woods, in Ohio, USA.


His own life proves how Salvation Army community work in the name of Jesus can change lives. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Darell first met the Army in personally tough times. And through the Army, he met Jesus.


Asked which sort if ministry especially calls to him, he answers, ‘Cross-cultural ministry appeals to both my wife and myself. We love being in that cross-cultural space.’


For fun, Darell enjoys woodworking and sports, particularly basketball and MMA.

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Sun-Kyung Simpson

Sun-Kyung is known in America as Captain Sunny Simpson. She was born and grew up as a Salvationist in South Korea. Today, she serves the Lord at the College for Officer Training in Suffern, NY, USA as the Director of Curriculum.


She says, ‘I work at a Salvation Army College where I serve cadets(students) and instructors(faculty) by giving them direction and support to succeed in their academic and spiritual development. It’s my joy to serve our students and staff here in this holy community.’


‘My passion is studying and teaching the word of God. I believe that the truth of the word is sufficient for knowing and experiencing God and for growing in Christlikeness (2 Tim 3:16-17). I am always thirsty to learn more about the word of God. I am also passionate about the spiritual disciplines. They are, as Richard Foster has explained, practices, like prayer, which equip us to live fully and freely in the present reality of God. Through them, God works with us, giving us grace as we learn and grow.’


For relaxation, Sunny enjoys reading and music.

Jordan found God in an old school hall during a Samoan Pentecostal worship gathering.


He was born in Papakura, a town in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. His parents are Salvation Army officers. In fact, he is a 5th Generation Salvation Army officer.


He writes: ‘I'm passionate about creativity and aesthetics. I believe in young people and the boldness and energy they bring to the Christian tradition. I’m all about the same old truths, expressed in new ways.’

His current roles as a Salvation Army officer are Divisional Youth Secretary for Midland Division. He also co-founded and runs the day-to-day of The Salvation Army’s fair-trade coffee company, Hamodava.

And for fun? Any creative pursuit; writing music, playing instruments, cooking, drawing, making things, design and making a great cup of coffee.

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Sue Hodges
Peter Farthing

One day when Peter was a university student he was reading a novel. He read the sentence: ‘I guess my job in life is giving people chances.’ He thought: ‘That is my job in life: to equip others, and give them chances to serve.’ 


And so, as a Salvation Army officer, Peter has often done training and teaching—in pastoral counselling, in preaching, in spiritual life. He has also been a corps officer, an editor, a writer, and a leader. He has been involved with 10 different video projects.

​Peter wrote and co-produced the documentary, Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth and The Salvation Army. That film won Best Documentary at the International Christian Visual Media Awards. It been seen by more than a quarter a million people.


Now retired from day-to-day officership, Peter leads workshops for aspiring preachers. He and Dr Roger Green are writing a biography of Bramwell Booth. And he develops courses—like Sit Down with Jesus.


For relaxation, he and his wife Kerrie watch Korean dramas.